Monday, 29 March 2010

Happiness is the Open Road

The above is true in more ways than one, apart from the obvious running connection it is also the title of Marillion's last studio double album, released in 2008. I have followed the band since 1980 and been a fan of all they have done from Market Square Heroes with Fish as lead vocalist to Asylum Satellite with Steve Hogarth as lead singer. But why the mention o here - its because they have come out to support Alex and I in our running of 10 Million Metres.

I wrote a speculative email to them a few weeks back, asking if they could offer us support in some way and on Thursday last week, I got a call from their press officer, Lucy Jordache, saying that the band have decided to have Cure Parkinsons Trust as their nominated charity for their 2 weekend conventions, in Holland and Canada, in March 2011 - Totally Gob-smacked - and we cant thank them enough. We are getting together a press release for them to use on their web-site when the tickets for the convention go on sale, so our publicity should soar.
And if that wasn’t enough……………

A very large parcel has arrived from Sarah at Buffwear, with t-shirts, shorts, socks, buffs, etc, all in the new "zebra" style and colours, and all added straight away to my running kit for this weeks training (the tights will come in very useful if the weathermen's prediction of snow is to be believed). Buff have supported us from the start of our Million Metres Challenge and continue to do so with great gusto, offers of races, contacts and constant help.

And if that wasn’t enough……………

I have just received an email from Nicki Reid at Ardblair Sports saying that Sleep Monsters have just added our Polaroid press release to their website -, which will get to the running community even more. Nicki has also been paramount in getting our challenge advertised around the UK, working very hard with X-Bionic and Polaroid to try to maximise publicity and getting newsletters out and working with us to get the best for us.

We owe a huge amount of thanks to both Sarah and Nicki for all that they have done and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future - Thanks Ladies.

More later this week, regarding Fitness Footwear and Lowe Alpine - stay tuned.

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