Tuesday, 20 May 2008

MDS 2009 Dates

Dates for next years race have been confirmed.

Sunday 29th March to Saturday 4th April.

Fly out on 26th March, travel to camp on 27th, Admin on 28th, start running 29th.
Finish running (walking, crawling etc) 4th, prize giving (yeh right!!) 5th, return to UK 6th.

Plan next adventure 7th (i'm thinking Himalayas 100mile stage race, but could be put off for life).

10 months to go!!!!!!!!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Yet another change of plans

Like the British weather, my plans have changed again for the 4th time in a week. This weeks Baddow 10 was cancelled at the last minute (by me - due to wanting a good family day) so Fridays 8 miler turned into a 19M run and promptly caused a massive blister under my big toe - great. Usually ignore blisters but this one is a pain (sorry).

Apart from that, things are looking good for the South Downs Marathon, now only 3 & bit weeks away, and mileage will taper off after this weeks 22m run, in preparation for the race. Just to add a bit of spice to thing i have also signed up for the Faversham Marathon in mid July, which should be interesting as it is a 40 lap race race, which could be very soul destroying or a lot easier as the race is divided into pieces. Time will tell.

Poor news on the corporate sponsorship front. 100 letters sent - 40 replies - total of £50 for GOSHCC (thanks to Rowse Honey), nothing on the corporate side, so i can only hope that someone, somewhere will read this and feel sorry for me and send in that corporate sponsorship cheque to help (now what is David Beckham's address).

Will hopefully have better news next month and will have done the South Downs as well, so next months Blog should prove interesting.