1 Million Metre Challenge

In August 2009 i teamed up with Alex Flynn, to do a 1 Million Metre Challenge, where we would race that distance over a 12 month period - a total that we due passed in September 2010. The aim was to help raise money and awareness for Cure Parkinson's Trust, as Alex suffers from the illness, and since completing this challenge he has vowed to continue to 10 Million Metres over the next 4 years. He can be followed at www.Alexflynn.co.uk

The below races we did totalled 1,094,124.4 Metres
Ridgeway 85 (137,615)
Henley ½ Marathon (21,082.4)
Brentwood 10k (10,000.5)
Doyen of the Downs (48,700)
Country to Capital (69,200)
Moonlight Challenge (32,186)
Reading ½ Marathon (21,082.4)
Marathon Des Sables (250,000)
Crawley Marathon (42,286)
Frinton ½ Marathon (21,082.4)
Grand Union Canal Race (193,121.3)
Europe 135 (212,089)
Sevenoaks Triathlon (33,400)

Alex contacted Orca looking for a wet-suit for the London Triathlon. They obliged and also supplied him with clothing which he used successfully in the MdS. Now they have extended their offer to me, saying "Just wanted to let you know you’ll have the support of Orca along your journey. Everyone over here would really like to see you achieve your million pound goal, and we are happy to offer you and Rich our support through race kit", for which i am extremely grateful!!

We have taken delivery of an enormous amount of Sports Beans, thanks to a generous offer from the company. I personally love these sweets, as the make a very enjoyable change to the standard Jelly Babies and skittles and the flavours are tangy, without being too sour. Well worth their weight in gold, easily carried and very resilient

They can be bought on line, direct from Sports Beans on the following link http://www.jellybelly-uk.com/sport-beans/
Thanks to them for their support and keeping us running for longer

A superb book, by Kate Percy, full of inspirational recipes aimed at runners and endurance sportsmen and women alike. Check out her website and enjoy what she has to say. Personal favourite - Spaghetti with spinach and pancetta