Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Race Numbers are here!!!!!!!!!

My race number has been confirmed as 695, for this years event and all can contact me during the race as long as the race number is quoted. The organisers at darbaroud (www.darbaroud.com) say that you need the number and names etc to send messages, but in the past i have found runners with justa number.

I hope to get a few messages during the race, and have sent a list of details to family, Freinds and sponsors, on how to follwo the race and my progress.

Back to the joys of sunny Britain

As you can probably guess from the title, i have been away and enjoying the sunshine in Florida. Not a training holiday or one paid for by supporters, but a family break at Disney in Orlando. Weather, however, was at times very British (cold, damp and grey) but with daytime hitting 28C on one occasion, it was a welcome break.

No training at all during the break, although miles were walked everyday and often with a 4-year-old on my shoulders (my daughter that is, not someone elses'), and now i am back to the reality of the MDS being only 43 days away.

Training this week will be hard to get back into, and even though i have a target of 55 miles for the week, i am expecting to fall short, mainly due to very stiff hamstrings from the return flight on Sunday. BUT, the target is set and my aim is to get there, so we will have to wait and see.