Monday, 18 April 2011

Will I ever race again!!

Another couple of very hectic weeks have passed and running again has bit the bullet. Since my last post I have been offered a new job, based in Docklands in London, starting on May 6th, with Nuplex Resins Ltd – all very exciting and an extremely good career move and more responsibility, however I will miss my current employer, Wilkin & Sons AKA Tiptree Jam, makers of the best preserves and marmalades in the world -  available at all good supermarkets and deli’s (if it’s not there, ask them to get in touch and stock it!!).

Anyway, all this upheaval in the last few weeks, has meant that energy at the weekend has been limited and with only limited mid-week training time running has borne the brunt of it, meaning that another race will be cancelled (Halstead Marathon), but then with nothing planned until September (Shotley Challenge) I will have time to get back into the swing of things and sort out training that suits me and my new lifestyle. Conveniently my new employer has showers at work, so lunchtime runs will be a must and with the Crowne Plaza Hotel nearby, with its 25m pool I can get some swimming in – just need a turbo-trainer for the bike and I can train for triathlons still (talking of cycling - great new pair of Buff Pro bib cycling shorts received - review coming).

Also I can now set my sights on going back to do the Marathon Des Sables (don’t tell the wife!!!), probably in 2014, due to the waitlist in the UK being 3 years, and also look at doing the 6633 ultra (definitely don’t tell the wife!!!), either in 2013 or 2015, so bigger thing on the horizon. As for an Ironman place - still nothing and to be honest probably a good thing now, although I may look at doing and Ironman 70.3 instead if I can get a place, as these sell out very quickly, and training will be easier to fit in.

So that’s it for the time being – I watched the London Marathon with envy and admiration (I’ll be there next year, regardless) - Well done all who finished, especially Zoe Orrin-Mumford, as part of her 1000 Miles in a Year for Breast Cancer Also a big mention for the unstoppable Mr Alex Flynn, who ran in the Brighton Marathon the week earlier (with a heavy cold) as part of the 10 Million Metres Challenge i started with him in 2009. Alex has now completed 1,150,000 metres, with a massive run across Europe in June to come, as well as the Challenge Henley Ironman in September and then many miles more over the next 3 years, go visit his website - - and donate some money please - Simples!!


Monday, 4 April 2011

Striding Out

A few quiet weeks after the disappointment of having to pull out of the London Marathon, so training has been low key, although I have managed to put in a couple of 4 milers in the lighter evenings and 2 runs to work and home (15 miles each), but, with the left leg still causing a few problems, it’s obvious that I made the right decision – so the bike has been getting a good outing and I am getting a some good mileage in the legs, in anticipation of some triathlons and duathlons (and hopefully an Ironman, if I can get a place). Running will hopefully increase as things progress and with the Halsted Marathon still 4 weeks away, I have yet to make a decision on whether to run or not – I will, however need to increase the Sunday morning runs, if I want to finish in a reasonable time.

Looking further ahead, I would love to do the South Downs Marathon in June, and will hopefully be joining Alex Flynn on the first stage of his run across Europe, although I will need to be a lot fitter than I am now. Further on I am still eyeing the Grimsthorpe 105 Ultra and Shotley Challenge 55 mile ultra, in August & September respectively, before ending the year doing the Beachy Head marathon in October – but as I have found, so far this year, best laid plans ……………. etc. etc.

But, as promised, here is my review of the new Polaroid Strider Sunglasses. When I received these I was surprised at how light and supple they were, almost to the degree of feeling too flimsy, but it was quickly apparent that these were a lot sturdier than appeared. These glasses have been used whilst both running and cycling and I have found that they suit both admirably. The rubber nose grips are a good size (without being over generous), meaning that the glasses sit very comfortably, and the arms grip well, without squeezing, and being cushioned on the inside feel very stable.

Perfectly polarized lenses, that didn’t fog up, on either bike or run, filtered out a lot of sunlight, yet didn’t seem too dark on the odd cloudy runs I had, meaning could keep them on. All supplied in a very snazzy Silver and black check design and coming in a sturdy carry-case, ideal for sticking in your pack, should you not need them later.

All in all a very good product that can be used for more than just running and riding and sports, and looking just as cool being worn out and about in the park etc (cool if worn by someone better looking than me that is).

Given the choice on the current market I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a good, light, yet strong pair of sunglasses – top marks from me!!!

Hopefully in my next update I will have a clearer picture of my expectations in the Halstead Marathon and the year ahead and hopefully news of an Ironman place too.

Enjoy your running!!