Monday, 1 September 2008

Me again

Time for another update, and I have decided to now do these updates fortnightly, as plans over then next 7 months are quite full and busy and a monthly update would be too long and boring (who said that!!).

Anyway, not too much to report intially, BBC Essex have been in contact regarding a radio interview on the 12th September, the day before the Shotley Peninsular 55mile event. They are talking about running a series of interviews with me, on a monthly basis, in the months preceding the MdS, in an aim to get more info on what has happened to me in the past month and what my next steps are. Hopefully this will give me more of a chance to gain more personal and corporate sponsorship for the race. I have also decide to do a press release to coincide with the first interview to flood the local market, and longer term plans are to ‘go national’ before Christmas on both TV and newspapers.

Anyway running-wise the last few weeks have been mixed, the first week since the last report went well, hitting 40 miles for the week with a 3.5kg pack on a times but then last week hit a low due to a stomach bug, so only 28 miles. No niggles or injury worries thankfully, and now that Mandy (my wife) has changed jobs I now have Sundays free to run and log some decent distances.

Hopefully you haven’t dozed off yet, but I’ll leave for now. Next report will be after the radio interview and Shotley run, so a lot to report on.

‘Til then

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