Monday, 20 October 2008

Lull before the Storm

Not a great deal to report this time, the calf strain picked up at the Lea Valley Marathon has healed after a weeks rest (well just under to be precise) and last weeks mileage totalled 46 & a bit, carrying a 4.5kg pack for a couple of the runs, with no problems.

Tiredness is the only problem at the moment, due to my wife’s long working hours and the early starts, but life goes on.

The running shoes for next year have arrived, a meaty pair of New Balance M1100MDS trainers in MDS colours which are a size & half bigger than normal, to allow the foot to swell due to the heat. They look like a canal boat when on and training is going to prove fun, so a couple of thick pairs of socks will be needed to fill them out. Weight training will be needed due to the weight so not suitable for quick 5km races.

Sponsorship for GOSHCC has started to come in and is now about £550, so more pressure will be placed on people to get the money in.

That’s about all this time, it’s been quiet, but hopefully things will pick up and there will be more to report after next months Steppingly Challenge in Bedford, which is a marathon organised by the LDWA, on the 9th November.

Safe Running

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