Monday, 22 December 2008

Finally back running again

Not a great deal to report, from the last three weeks. I have only just got over the knee strain and last week was my first full week running for some time. Managed a total of xx miles, some of it with a 7kg pack on, which felt ok and I have calculated a final pack weight of 12kg, so will need to up the weight on a weekly basis now. My next race is the Stansted Stagger, a 26 mile LDWA organised event, this coming Sunday (28th), and once I get back to full time work after the Christmas break I will be able to book up a final race before the MDS.

I have already ear-marked the Grantham Canal 2 day ultra at the end of February, which is a 30 mile run one –way on the Saturday and then the return run the next day ( for more details. I should also be able to get my ECG and medical signed off at the same time too.

I have had my jabs for the race now so shouldn’t (yeh right!!) pick up any nasty tropical diseases, so all I need to do is keep training and in 13 weeks enjoy the hot sunshine.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all

Monday, 1 December 2008

Salomon XT-Wings – From Fitness Footwear

These are marketed as effortless running shoes that are suitable for any terrain, and from the first step in these they felt comfortable, well fitted and almost worn-in already.

I found they gripped and glided over whatever the surface I ran on including a mixture of roads and trails, and felt equally comfortable to road running as to trails.. The Triple Density Eva mid-sole gave such a good ride and great lacing system that only requires one pull to adjust and then leave, made these a perfect pair for shoes.

The loud “grass and black”, the restrained (?) bright red or the more subtle black and grey, give you the option of really standing out or blending in with the crowd, but with the speed agility and grip that these shoes give, most other runners will be left looking at your dust trail.

One last point; they do fit snugly, so I would recommend a ½ size bigger than normal, but they still feel great.

On a rating of 1 to 10, I would have to give these 10, as I cannot fault them at all.

Gatliff Marathon - None Starter

This was an event I was looking forward to, and had made arrangements with John Greenbank, another 2009 MdS runner I had been in contact with via the Best of Morocco web-site, to meet up and run together and have a chat. However the race was a non-starter for me due to an injury sustained in my left knee.

A week ago I was out on a good long Sunday morning run, however the weather had turned against me and was making life difficult. Now most weather conditions I am happy to run in. Not particularly keen on strong wind, but everything else is fine. On this Sunday it was a combination of strong winds, snow and sleet, and it was the sleet coming in on a horizontal plane that was causing the problem. I had my beanie hat almost covering my eyes and a buff pulled up to the top of my nose, so only had a slit to see out of and, as can be guessed, I missed the edge of a kerb and twisted my knee.

Stupid I know, but it was the only way I could see comfortably. I had hoped that a lot of rest would see me right and although it did feel better towards the end of the week there was no way I would last for 31 miles in the mud etc, so decided on the Saturday afternoon not to run. Sent my apologies to John, who, politely, cursed me as I had persuaded him to run in the race too (he’ll thank me for it in the long run?!?), and planned to run a 5 miler on Sunday instead.

That proved too much again, as after 2 miles the knee started to buckle and it was a steady walk home rather than carrying on – right decision not to do the marathon, but hopefully if the knee has improved then next Sunday I will try to find another race to do and still keep training as well.