Monday, 21 December 2009

Snow, Modena and Christmas

Well Christmas is upon us and my training since the Doyen of the Downs has been abysmal to say the least. The week after the run and all i managed was a slow 5k, and the last week was an effort to say the least, having done only 14 miles in total by Friday. With the snow, that usually grinds the country to a halt arriving on Friday the planned trip to see Alex had to be postponed so no run on Saturday morning with him and with more snow overnight on Saturday covering the ice on the roads, my 16 miler on Sunday morning was cancelled too. Looks like my runs over the next few days will be spent on a treadmill, so an early start on Tuesday should see a 10 miler possible before work, once the car has been scrapped free of ice.

Hopefully, atrocious weather permitting, i can get back in the rhythm of things and get ready for the Country to Capital run on Jan 16th, as well as get a proper core and weights programme going too.

Over that last few weeks Alex and i have been pondering future runs and plans. We have already drawn up ideas to run John O'Groats to Lands End in 2011, and possibly LA to NY in 2012, although the latter has been hit by an issue with a chance in an already planned run, which is now a year earlier - so we will have to review that.

Once i found this out i quickly hatched another idea, that sounds more suitable to do in early 2011, with JOGLE at the end of the year - London to Modena - unusual end venue, but this is where X-Bionic's factory is based in Italy, and the hope is that we can persuade them to give us a massive support package, that will help us do the run and help fund accommodation and support crew for the 850 mile run. The route can take us passed the X-Technology department in Schwyz in Switzerland too, and we have to cross the Alps somewhere, which after 2 weeks of running 45 mile days should certainly tax our determination and energy reserves. This idea needs to be discussed with X-Bionic in the New Year and see what they can do to help.

Not a great deal happening anywhere else at the moment on the sponsorship front. The press release in America has been hit with renewal problems, which we hope will be resolved soon. The newsletter from Ardblair has yet to have a response, although with Christmas approaching fast other things occupy peoples minds, so hopefully the new year will prove fruitful.

Planning to meet up with Alex between Christmas and New Year to check all is going to plan and formulating plans for the months ahead.

Hoping everyone has a great Christmas and Happy New Year - Here's to 2010.

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