Monday, 6 December 2010

Let it snow!!!

Not a great deal of news for this update. Last week saw first snow of this winter in the UK, so a run to work and home last Friday was a must, and the pleasure of running along empty country lanes at 6am with the temperature at -5c (cold for UK) was immense (sad person that I am). Plenty of wild animal tacks around, some being very large too, along side my elephantine footprints!!!. The run was made more enjoyable with having a Buffwear Polar Buff on and the ever present R2's from Compressport - thanks to both companies for their support.

Additionally, following a call out of the blue from Atheer at Wildfire Word of Mouth, who had been reading my blog (i KNEW someone was) Adidas sent me a pair of Swoop 2's to try out and report back on, and I have to say that the grip and feel of the shoes in the snow was immense (I wonder if I can get car tyres with the same tread???). The "radioactive" colouring may not suit everyone, but the ride and comfort certainly will, and I can see myself putting in many miles across the trails over the winter period.

Talking of trail running - I am returning to the Colchester Harriers fold and will be running in my first X-country race in 5 years on Sunday week at Halstead, and will be heading out in the Swoop 2's, as spikes wont be suitable for the whole race - will be a true test of my fitness and stamina (5.5 mile course), and will be good to get back to training and running with others ahead of next years big races. One of the Harriers runners (Sean Ketteridge) is also running the Grand Union Canal Race, so hopefully I can meet up with him and get some training done (if he can slow down enough). I intend to race the GUCR un-supported next year, so need to spend long days out running alone, providing I can find the time to get the mileage in.

In my last ramble I said that triathlons were off next year, but I have been offered a possible place at the Harwich Olympic distance Triathlon in July, so (with my planning hat on) I have looked at a swimming training schedule and will use the recovery time after the GUCR to swim and cycle, rather than run and train that way - active recovery!!!

Enough ramblings for now!!

Don’t forget I can be sponsored for both the 2011 London Marathon and the GUCR at, monies to go to the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity and Cure Parkinson's Trust!!

Stay warm, stay safe, stay seen!!!

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