Monday, 24 January 2011

Rear in Gear

Finally an update, after almost 3 weeks of little or nothing on the running front!! After trying to do some runs between Christmas and the new year it all dropped off with the return to work and on-set of an inconvenient heavy cold hat had me off work for 2 days and off running until last Monday (17th). I did return in typical fashion by running to work and the home again in the evening, making the whole day a 15 miler and did I suffer afterwards! My legs felt great (combination of using the Compressport socks and R2's for recovery), but core was a mess and sitting up straight on Tuesday was a workout in its self - new plan formulated to sort that bit out!!
After a few days to recover I repeated the Monday run on Friday and finally finished the week off with a 13 miler on Sunday - so 43 miles for the first week back, but with only 12 weeks to go until the London Marathon I need to get my "rear in gear"!!

I have a ½ marathon due on Feb 6th, and then nothing until March 5th (a Duathlon - so better get the bike out too), then another ½ followed by London - so quite a busy period over the next few months!

Hopefully this will get me ready for the Grand Union Canal Race in May, which I have been mentally running, during training and already planning food and kit and will soon start testing foods for the run, on my longer runs. Somewhere along the way I need to plan a night run, either at the local running track or point to point with another runner, preferable in early May - distance isn't an issue, but its time on my feet after a day’s work and creating a bit of sleep deprivation, and still keep going (my wife is going to love that!!!)

Finally I am now looking for a new shoe sponsor, after Adam Smith left Fitness Footwear, and they stopped supplying me with shoes to review for them. I am still looking to promote Compressport and Buff as much as possible, and stand out in the crowd with my new Rainbow Trust Children's Charity Buff, and once I can get out on my bike will be making full use of the Compressport Quads !!

Still onwards and upwards on the mileage front!!!


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