Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Up-date time (again)

Well it's the end of the Easter weekend and all of this years MDS runners are probably nervous as hell as they fly out this Thursday (lucky buggers).

Training since the last entry has ticked over as due to a few weeks break through colds and illness that Kent 30 mile challenge ended at the 20 mile mark, with a sprained knee and lack of energy. Plans for next year have taken shape and the presentation files are being collated in preparation for sending out to the 100 or so target sponsors (hopefully at least 10% will give me something).

Current training is aiming towards the South Downs Marathon in Mid-June, although the Halstead 26.2 race in May might be run if i feel that i have trained enough for that. The South Downs is probably the best off-road race that i could find and will give me a good chance to test the type for shoe i will need for next year. Kit issues will no doubt surface over the next few months and once monies start coming in i will invest wisely.

That's all for now, although i intend to update on a monthly basis (unless something exciting happens??????). Facebook link is also up so any viewers can link to all my web-site through one http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=671892127.


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