Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Monthly Up-date

I have finally sent out my presentation files, to over 100 companies, in the hope that someone will provide enough corporate sponsorship to get me to and through the MDS. Hopefully i will start to get some feedback by the end of the month, and with the London Marathon just finishing running should be in the public eye at the moment.

Training has been going well, although the target of the Halstead Marathon on May 11th has changed, more due to babysitting duties, rather than a lack of training time (main sitters are away - so can't leave my daughter with anyone for 5 hours), so the new target is now the Baddow 10 mile on May 18th, and if training continues as planned i should be looking at a PB for 10 miles (currently standing at 1:07:14).

Still on target for the South Downs Marathon on June 14th, and will be planning a night away at a travelodge the night before, to cut down on travel on race day. I did this race last year and it is a good challenging yet very scenic course, so will take a small digital camera with me, to capture what i can.

Will sign off for now, but back same time next month
In Cha Allah -as they say on the MDS

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