Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts for the week, before jetting out on Thursday. Extracts from the book i have been writing, which i hope will be published in one form or another for future runners to use as reference, and so my family can see what i have been doing at 5am whilst they slept in their beds.

Monday 23rd March
Nerves have started to really kick in and, as I have only a short run planned for Tuesday, I need to do something else, so a light gym session, followed by the sauna to relax, will suffice. I had a quick chat with John this morning about kit, etc and what to pack in which case and I think I will repack my cases to make sure I have only the kit I need for the first day in the hand luggage and the “must had survival gear” as well as all paperwork. Food for me now is going to be higher calorie and good carbs so Jacket potatoes for tea with veggies, a coupe of good sandwiches at lunch and trail mix to snack on during the day. Managed to secure another radio interview with Heart FM, although like the Dream 100 interview due on Wednesday, I wont hear it on the radio, as it will be aired on Sunday, whilst I am running, sweating my bits off, but if it raises money for GOSHCC then its worth doing.

Tuesday 24th March
A quick 2 mile run and sauna at lunchtime, this time with sweatshirt, t-shirt and shorts, which caused a huge amount of sweating and water intake, and strange looks. Heart interview at 11 went well, and was easy to do, being pre-recorded and I am getting used to these now, which makes it easier. Getting plenty of well wishes from work and friends too now and with everything packed and re-packed I can wait to get going.

Wednesday 25th March
Nothing more than a session in the sauna, again with clothes on, although the boredom of sitting there and the desire to get going tomorrow caused lunch to be cut short. Everything at work is up to date. All e-mail addresses have been set up so that Mandy can forward my messages to all and sundry each night. The aim there is to drop her an e-mail, with an update of what happened during the day and then she will forward it on to the group I have set up, which includes all the radio stations as well as family, work etc.
Good English weather today, to see me off, windy, raining and blustery, not nice, but I will be glad of some rain and cool breezes in a week’s time. Once Freya was is in bed tonight I will sort out all my gear for one last time, having decided to change my evening top to a Helly Hansen one instead of the thin Dublin Marathon one. This will serve as a sleeping top as well as one for the night stage of the race (I will be past caring about the smell by that time and light weight is paramount).
Email from John yesterday saying he had been sent to Scotland on a works errand, not what he needs 2 days before the off, thankfully not something I have to worry about and will be glad to go home tonight. Having strange emotion swings with all the wishes, but that is probably the nerves setting in further. The rest of the journey will have to be recorded in a note book and re-typed when I get back, as well as uploading photo’s, of which I intend to take a lot.

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