Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fw: Final goodbyes

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Subject: Final goodbyes

Hi All

My final e-mail from the UK, as Thursday I fly out to Morocco, for the MDS. Timings for the event are as follows;

26 March - Gatwick to Ouarzazate; transfer to Hotel
27 March - Transfer to Desert
28 March - Registration and administration day
29 March - 4 April - The event - Self sufficiency 4 April is the final stage
5 April - Hotel
6 April - Ouarzazate to Gatwick arrive in UK about 12:30.
As before, all the race can be followed at, although you may need to check other pages to get updated progress and contact me by return (No 695), and Mandy will be circulating emails to all, including 3 radio stations, Heart, Dream 100 and BBC Essex, for hopeful daily updates.

Finally to say - Thanks for everyone's support and constant interest, and I will make sure that I earn every penny for GOSHCC, and come back in one piece (possibly minus a few toenails, and a few stones less, but what the heck)

Thanks again

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