Friday, 3 April 2009

Fw: 695--Finally we run - day 1 (or day2)

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Subject: 695--Finally we run - day 1 (or day2)

We finally got going today. 33km of a mixture of the biggest dunes i have ever seen (12km), 6 miles of broken volcanic rock and then more dunes.
Finished finally in 6hrs, a distance like this would usually take 2 hours. Camped now and just had a lovely boil in bag meal ?.
bedding down soon and just a quick trip to docs for blister treatment.

Mandy & Freya
Everything going ok, finding the wait hard, the course very hard and missing you impossibly hard. JKeep each other happy and have a cuddle from me. Will see you in one week and write again tomorrow evening.
Love you both
"Always and Forever"
Hubby & daddy

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