Friday, 3 April 2009

Fw: 695--Ow!, Ow!, OWWWW!!

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Subject: 695--Ow!, Ow!, OWWWW!!

If it moves it hurst and that goes for my eyelids too. In an atempt to make up for lost time the race organisers decided to make the 80km stage into 91km (57 Miles).
Salt flats, dunes , serious rock climbing and gales, whipping the sand up. It took me about 21 hours, with 6 Cp stops, and my stomach started rejecting all fluids too.
Still the next stage (marathon) will soon be over and i can say i have completed the MDS.
Thanks for all the messages, they have really pciked me up, and i will return to sunny Britain on Monday.

Short chat this morning left me in tears and i cannot wait to hold you both again.
You both mean the world to me and i love you both.
"Always & Forever"
Hubby & Daddy

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