Monday, 6 April 2009

Home at Last

A bit of a post script to the weeks events, now that i am home.
Although the distance of the race was reduced due to the intervention of mother nature, albeit by only 25 miles, the race itself lived up to my expectations. The long stage of 91 km, was not only a record for the MdS, but also the longest stage ever in a multi-day event, and it was long.
The nights were very cold and the humidity in the day was increased due to the rain, all making it very hard on the not so "dry river beds".
I feel that the event tested my resolve both physically as well as mentally, and that the friends i made there will stay with me, for a very long time. It was never meant to be easy and although, as i said above, the event was shortened a bit i don't feel cheated in anyway, far from it. The Marathon Des Sables is classed as the "Toughest Footrace on Earth", and I believe that it lived up to that, for both the usual reasons and also the unusual.
Thanks for all the messages of support, from all over country as well as Australia and New Zealand, and i hope that i have earned every penny for GOSHCC.
My feet hurt and my shoulders ache, but there is a sense of satisfaction in that pain.
As for the future, i have a few ideas, but for the moment i want to bask in my success and take a few months off.
Thanks again
Rich "Desertram" Merry

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