Thursday, 16 July 2009

Planning for the Future

Plans for next years running are taking shape, with 5 ultra's planned so far, and hopefully a chance to run in the 50km trials and get into a national team for the Anglo Celtic Cup next year (have a choice of 3 England - Place of Birth, Scotland/Ireland - ancestry). The Anglo Celtic cup is a 100km race, so training for all this will take a bit of time and also more commitment.

Having trained for 18 months to do the Marathon Des Sables this year ( and enjoy the running and getting up at 4am sometimes to run, i should be able to do something similar for the champs next year.

Long term, i am still looking for another multi-stage race, somewhere (i.e. Gobi or Trans Aq'), but with no corporate sponsorship on board costs for these races are getting harder to raise.

Have ordered a copy of Go Faster Food, by Kate Percy, so expect a review of that soon

All for now


Adam Hunter said...

Hi Richard, I got sent a copy of GoFasterFood. It's a good read. Very nicely laid out and quite easy to pick up and flick through.

I'm sure you'll find it useful.

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Thank you for the inspiration. Your words are golden.