Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Proper plans for the future

I have finally set out my running plans for the next 12(ish) months today, although the final race will be uncertain until December this year.

Plans so far are:
Sept 26th - Night Vision Relay - Colchester - 12hr track run for St Helena Hospice -
Oct 11th - Henley Half Marathon -
Oct 25th - Go beyond ½ Marathon -
Dec 6th - Doyen of the Downs -

Jan 24th - Gloucester 50km - TBC -
Jan 31st - Kent Midnight Challenge -

Apr 2010 - London Marathon - Pending ballot acceptance and wife’s acceptance into race (will do both Day/Night and London if she is as I will run at her pace – not belittling her in any way, but she has only done a 5k to date, and she is expecting to take about 5hrs)

Jun 2010 - South Downs Marathon -

July 2010 - Downland Challenge -

Aug/Sept - 2010 - UTMB -
or (if unsuccessful in ballot entry)
Spartathon -
or (if unsuccessful in that ballot entry)
Aug 2010 - Ridgeway 85 -
Sept 2010 - Eagle Isle Ultra -

A fair list of races, which if I am lucky (!!) and do the ones I want will total 350 miles (560km), so I had better get training, and will be using shoes from Fitness Footwear of course (See attached banner).

Calf strain starting to improve, although still not ready to push it, so currently cross training, which is frustrating, but keeps me fit.

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