Thursday, 27 August 2009

Press Interest

Having sent out a message last week to our local press and radio stations i have now got 3 interested in interviews. Essex Chronicle, Evening Standard and Anglia News (local TV). Sadly the interview planned for the TV was cancelled due to another story taking precedence, but will be rescheduled for another date.

The press have both taken relevant information and have now booked up for a photo shoot for the 5th September, just need to get Alex here and then confirm that date. If i could get the TV crew here as well that date we can get a good story and push the challenge even more.

No sign of any corporate help yet, despite asking, although now i can use the press interest as leverage and offer a bit of advertising for their money.

On another note, it looks like i will be accepted to study with Lincoln University, on distance learning, for a Foundation Degree in Food Manufacturing, leading to Bsc, although that is a long way off as the course is over about 4 years.

More about the Press when i know it.

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