Thursday, 3 September 2009

Mission Update

Following on from the shoe review, this week could prove to be interesting regarding the press involvement with the Challenge.

Already on Monday i have had a feature in the local Gazette, Although they have got the title wrong, as i said to them it was a distance equal to 24 marathons, not running the marathons themselves.

Also Anglia News are still interested in doing a feature, after an earlier cancellation, due to another story taking priority. Once all this has been arranged i will post a link to the video footage and embarrass myself accordingly.

Running this week has been good and although i am still only getting back into it after my calf strain i should post about 40 miles this week, and start increasing Sundays runs so that i am back on target for the "Doyen" in December, without over training.

Night Vision Relay is due in 3 weeks and last year my brother managed to do almost 40 miles on the day, although with me running this year we reckon it will be about a marathon each.

Next post i will confirm what, where and when regarding the press - until then safe running

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