Monday, 26 October 2009

Brentwood 10k (not ½ as planned)

This wasn't a race that I was planning to do, but being a bit slow on my application I missed out on the ½ Marathon so settled for the 10k. Thankfully it was the right decision as I struggled big time with just the 10k. Last weeks cold was still here and energy levels, although feeling high at the start, with me even toeing the start line at the front of the field, disappeared within the first mile and I found myself struggling for any form or fitness, and, with hindsight after suffering last night, should had dropped out. However this was "only 10k" I told myself I could do this and be aright (this boy's a fool).

Anyway....... Dressed in Buffwear top, shorts and headgear I headed off on the undulating course which was 6 loops of a 1 mile course, in brilliant sunshine and breezy conditions. Each loop started with a 25m climb over 50m which sapped the legs on a wet field, but lead to a straight and then a sharp downhill section through woods to a final climb of about 25m over ¼ mile. This meant that there was a total climb of 275m in the race offset by the same in descents, but when you head is swimming and you can only breathe through your ears it might as well have been in Snowdonia.

After the third lap I was going backwards and taking over 8 mins to do a lap and looking forward to the end of the race, which i duly completed in 48:06. I was later surprised to find I was in 13th place, with the winner posting a time of 40:19, which indicates how hard the race was and makes me think that if I had been fully fit I would have been vying for one of the prizes (next year I will be back).

The rest of this week will be a mixture of small (easy) 4 mile runs with a couple of early starts (8 miler Wednesday) and a nice long 20 miler next Sunday, but only if I can shake this cold off. There is only 6 weeks now until the Doyen of the Downs (30 miles) and this is one of the races I must be fit for and ready to take on, if I am to succeed with the Challenge. I don't want to be making up for large lost distances in the last month especially as until Nov 5th we wont know if we will be able to do the GUCR (Although Ian Corless has a list of 100km qualifying races that could help if we miss out).

Right time for a Lemsip, Chocolate biscuit, oh and work (I guess) - Til next time - Healthy running all.

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