Monday, 9 November 2009

Half a Double Act

This lunchtime I discovered our fate regarding the Grand Union Canal Race. Entry forms were emailed out last Monday, with instructions to return them by Thursday 5th, the 260 names would then go into a hat and 115 drawn out. Our biggest worry would be that we miss out and have to find another event to use as qualification for Spartathlon, which we would need to do before the end of May. Not easy considering the lack of races and Alex's trip to Morocco for the MdS.
However the draw threw up the worst result possible - Draw - only I have managed to gain entry, good for me, (although 145 mile run, without Alex for support and for me to nag at, does not initially fill me with a huge amount of enthusiasm) bad for Alex, as he now needs to find that 100km race and do that under 10½ hours, or another one of over 200km (single stage, non-stop). With the MdS at the end of March it only really leaves him May and to-date the races seem scarce. I will be contacting Ian Corless in Paris to see what he can find for him, so all we can do is cross our fingers.

On a positive note, the press release from Ardblair Sports went out - Read it Here - to about 40 different magazine, both retail and trade and Nikki at Ardblair is hoping for a good response and more publicity. On a similar front we now have someone in the US doing some advertising for us. Lee Hart of Brand Amp Wire runs the Buff Facebook and twitter sites is planning press release in the US, which may also bring in some interest and with Denis Wischniewski, of German Trail Magazine also doing an article it looks like we are covering half the globe.

Will see what results all this gets and post them on here.

Need to get some more training in tomorrow morning, before work and more on here in a week.
Auf Wiedersehen (As denis would say)

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Mike Blamires said...

Hi Rich, I saw your name on the list when it was published on Sat, glad to see you got in. Shame about Alex, I'm sure you will be fine though :)

I'm pleased I got a place but there is certainly a small amount of fear mixed in with the largely positive emotions!

Here's for a completion, though the Spartathalon and it's scary cut off times are making my legs hurt and forehead sweat just thinking about it!