Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New Balance

Short but sweet this week, ahead of Saturdays Moonlight Challenge.

Recovery is going well and despite one or two other issues the last week has gone well running-wise, with 40+ miles training over various distances and paces and a good split day last Friday, when I ran to work and home again in the evening.

This week will be relatively light with only a 4 miler on Tuesday and then nothing to the weekend, except keeping hydrated and warm. The weather for Saturday looks to be cold and wet, so Hedgehogs will get what will probably be their last outing and hopefully the Gore-tex uppers will do their job.

Finally on another note - I have to say a big thank you to New Balance for their help with a damaged jacket, which they couldn’t repair, but replaced with a Motion Jacket and complementary pair of Winter Laminate running tights, which will come in useful this weekend end.

A big thanks to them and 'til next Monday - Safe running.

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