Monday, 28 June 2010

2/3rds of a Tri

Another few weeks of training under my belt now, in preparation for both the London Duathlon and 7Oaks Triathlon, although is only been cycling and swimming (the forced break from running until beginning of July is still in effect).

Swimming - never been a good swimmer, so this was always going to be the part I struggled with and after several weeks of trying to learn freestyle, and failing badly I have decided to stick to breaststroke, as the Triathlon will be in a pool, rather than open water. Time trials for swimming 400m have been coming down steadily (currently at 9:30), which looking at last years results, is competitive with the others. This time will hopefully drop some more, and I have been aided in the last few sessions by a pair of Orca Core Tri Pants, which have added to my buoyancy and brought the times down. I now have a structured training schedule, which will add some endurance swimming and make the shoulders stronger and get me ready for the race.

Cycling - Having spent several months cycling to work once a week I have now started on the long rides on a Sunday - nothing like quiet country roads on a Sunday morning, until you hit the hills!! Downs great - Ups not so!. Leg strength has improved a great deal, not just because of the mileage, but with a little help from a pair for CompresSport Quad Guards, which have a gradually compression and great for recovery afterwards, thanks to Time Williams, who will be at the Duathlon, with his own stand.

There have been a few tumbles, mainly due to traffic suddenly stopping, and not giving me time to release the cleats in my shoes from the pedals (7.1 for the tumble, from the Polish judge) and scrapes here and there, but all parcel of training, and at least the toenails are returning to a proper colour after the Grand Union Canal Race. I now need to look at either adapting my mountain bike for constant road use, by changing the tyres for road ones, or trying to find a proper road bike, either via sponsorship (lend my your bike and I will post a review here) or by borrowing one (any offers).

Cycling kit, is now coming together, as well as the Orca Tri Pants, which I will use for the Duathlon too, I have both a very cool Buff cycle-top, and some superb Polaroid P7003a Sunglasses, as well as the Quad Guards, so now am almost set to go.

Summer Holidays are looming for the kids, and with Mandy working during the hols, as well as a trip to Bavaria at the end of August, I will be off for a couple fo weeks, so training may hit a slump then, but have already planned a 45 mile cycle on the Bank Holiday Monday, before I go, after a 5 mile foot race on the Sunday at Mersea Island with Mandy.

Talking of running, that will start this week, probably, although with the Duathlon only having a 20k run, I wont need to do a great deal of running over the next few months, so can concentrate on the other 2 disciplines instead (review on the Vibram 5 fingers to follow soon)

That’s me for now - more in a few weeks, 'til then "Happiness is the Open Road"

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Ed Merry said...

Happy to join you on a Sunday for a bit of distance cycling as long as you don't put me to shame with all your flash kit!