Monday, 14 June 2010

Footwear - Barefoot

One of the benefits of starting all over again means i will start slowly and have a chance to try some new footwear. With the current craze of barefoot running shoes, i have been given the chance to try out the
vibram five fingers and will be posting a review on these, once tested.

The concept behind these and the Invo8 Evoskin, is to try to get runners running more naturally, as we were intended. It may not be for everyone and certainly the look will put some off, but for me its something to try and see if it suits me and helps with my posture and energy levels, as it will force me to take shorter strides, land lighter and be more aware of how i run.

Adam Smith, from Fitness Footwear, has posted his own review of the New Invo8-evoskin, a direct competitor to Vibram in this market and you can read that report here.

Watch this space for the review in the next few weeks.

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