Monday, 4 October 2010

Run 10k - a Wander in the Park

3rd October 2010

Last Sunday i went for a rather nice amble through Hylands Park on the outskirts of Chelmsford, although when i say nice my wife would not be one to agree.

This was the Cancer Research "Race for Life" 10k, one of their races that include men, rather than the 5k, which are women only. Mandy had already done the 5k earlier in the year and this was her attempt to go longer, however after a week of feeling rough and low on energy she wasn't expecting to fly around the course. So at 11am Mandy and myself lined up for the race, towards the back of the 1500 strong field, mostly clad in light blue t-shirts, although there was a smattering of Bobby Moore Trust red ones to boot!

As this was her first 10k race i decided that i want to keep her company and do the course with her, and we set off at her pace, with me encouraging her to stay clam and "tick over", rather than go out fast!

The route itself wound snake-like round the estate twice, and was all off-road, which caused her immense problems. Only having run on roads and paths and not having any trail shoes, she was slipping and sliding everywhere, as the ground was sodden and had been churned up by the runners in front. I was fine in my Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity shoes, but it was a real struggle her her.

This combined with the undulating terrain, lack of energy, strong cross winds and missed training made it a real slog, but she didn't complain (too much), and gritted her teeth and duly finished with a final flourish, crossing the line together and feeling very happy that she had finished.

Once warm, with a medal around her neck she has vowed to do more, once she gets some decent footwear, and next time has promised to out-sprint me at the finish, which could cause a domestic problem if i over-take her.

My next race is the Turbo X, on November 21st, which she has gracefully declined to take part in (i cant use her exact words, without this site being suspended!!!), so plenty of relaxed training for a few weeks, the after that race i have the Virgin London Marathon in April, having been accepted (after 5 years of rejections) - so this time i am aiming for a PB.

Til next time - stay safe!!


Andy Bowen said...

I thought the point of distance running was the couple of hours you get away from the trouble and strife!!

I guess it could make you run just a bit faster to keep her from talking ;-)

Good stuff

chris mcpeake said...

Its always very cool when you can pace/ race with your spouse