Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Rainbow Trust - Virgin London Marathon

Recently i had it confirmed that i had been accepted into next years Virgin London Marathon, after 5 years of being rejected via the ballot system.

As is usual for this event and the publicity surrounding such a large occasion, fundraising for charity becomes a must, and although i am currently in the middle of raising money for Cure Parkinson's Trust, i consider the London Marathon to be something very special in the running calender and therefore want to us this as a chance to involve another charity!

As my wife was hoping to get in and failed via the ballot, she wanted it to be a children's charity, and once the magazine arrived we immediately set our minds on the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity!

But why choose them?? Having a daughter of our own is a precious thing, and the thought of her being seriously ill, possibly terminally ill, is something we dare not think about, however others aren't so fortunate, and we want to do what we can to make life a bit easier for them in their time of need (please don't think i am being condescending with that statement)

Rainbow Trust Children's Charity provides emotional and practical support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. Rainbow Trust's Family Support Workers join the family in their own home and are there to provide practical support.

Rainbow relies almost entirely on voluntary donations and through the generosity of their supporters they are able to help around 1,000 families a year.

Please help me to help them by donating what you can via one of the below "giving sites"


Thank you for your support

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