Thursday, 11 November 2010

On The Road Again

Well its been a while since I updated my blog as the 2 months since the 7Oaks triathlon have been mixed and quite difficult. Work has been busy, busy, busy culminating in a visit from the Queen (all good, but energy sapping), and hours at work have changed, causing a change of routine and restrictions on running. Add to that a bit of illness and I have decided not to do the Salomon Turbo X on November 21st, and concentrate on base-building for the next 6 weeks before I start training for the London Marathon (Running for Rainbow Trust Childrens Charity)

My goals for next year have also changed, mainly due to the work hours changing for both my wife and myself, which means that family time is premium and therefore swimming has taken a hit, so no triathlons next year (nuts!!). However I intend to cycle to work once a week, adding a X-training element to my training, and allowing me to do Duathlons next year (first one is Dunmow on March 6th), but it looks like a 3 day running week, so I will be using the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST) marathon training program. This training program has produced good results with runners doing three key workouts in any order throughout the week (Interval session, Tempo run and LSD run), leaving at least one day between the key workouts and either cross-train or complete easy runs on other days of the week - sounds perfect!!

After the London Marathon training will be ramped up, as I have just gained a place in the Grand Union Canal Race in May 2011. This is the race that I had problems in this year (blood-diversion caused issues at 70 miles forcing me to retire), but my approach to training and to the race will be different this time and food intake will be better, as last time I felt I wasn’t burning enough off and didn’t replace as I should have - stupid!! Training plans have been drawn up, to accommodate the extra training (days off work, early starts etc) after the marathon, and in fact the marathon itself will almost be a training run, with 33,000 team-mates!!

Other races next year are currently planned as follows, but subject to change as sees fit!

Gt Bentley ½ Marathon - Feb
Dunmow Duathlon - March
Halstead Marathon - May (GUCR Training run)
Grimsthorpe 70 Mile Ultra - Aug
Shotley 55 Mile Challenge - Sept

I am hoping to add a new post next week, as I am expecting some new CompresSport goodies, and will be getting out and reviewing them for all to benefit. If they are as good as previous items (R2's & Quad's) then I'm in for a treat!!

Until then
Be safe - be seen

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